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I am passionate about the connections and relationships between people, places and things. The fit, flow and jar of the world fascinate me. This interest in connectivity has developed into a communications career, with an educational background in communications, film, anthropology, public relations and UX writing. Making projects and content look inspiring and pretty (whether digitally or tangibly) comes down to how the elements interact with each other. I am currently working as the Marketing Manager for Horseshoe Resort, a four-season outdoor resort.


When I am not working I can be found leading as an executive of Alpha Omega Sorority's alumnae association or volunteering with Laurier alumni. You can also catch me creating digital content, tending to my plants and plant blog, Well-Grown Home, painting, and playing with my puppy. I love to let my creativity shine through video projects, events and crafting as I am an immensely hands-on individual. I'm a busy bee but my positivity helps me thrive!

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Hi, I'm Sarah Tyler.
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