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10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Summer in Waterloo

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Summerloo is something that not all people have the chance to enjoy, but if you have the opportunity, I suggest you go for it. I love to stay in Waterloo for the summer and here’s 10 reasons why.

1. Campus is so much prettier in the summer. The landscaping and the light warm breeze makes walking to class enjoyable, and gives you motivation to attend. It’s like that peak weather you experience during O-Week, but for four full months. Otherwise, you don’t get to see campus in its full glory. Also, your marks might perk up too, because of great attendance.

2. Odds are that you can still visit with the fam. If you’re lucky enough to have parents that are teachers, they will have more time to visit you during their break and bring any siblings out of school for the summer. Ps. Kids and adults alike love the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory!

3. MLSB. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a business student to join a team. They go on little trips together and it is all fun in the sun (rain only makes it more interesting!). If softball itself doesn’t suit your fancy, just join your pals at the keggers and bar nights.

4. Campus is quieter and more peaceful. You are able to get a spot in the library, in any of the atriums, and on any equipment you wish at the gym. You’d be surprised how many students are still around if you do want a buddy though!

5. There are bike paths galore. Whether you like a rail trail, a paved path, city riding, or dirt roads, there are various short or long rides you can do. Bring up a bike from home or pick up a bike from a local shop to explore the area and beyond.

Here is just one of the many resources for cycling ride maps: Ontario By Bike

6. You can go to St Jacobs Farmers’ Market 3 times a week. Adding an extra day of fun on Tuesdays, you can bring the gal pals and support the local farmers and other vendors, or stroll through the village. The market is open Thursdays and Saturdays year-round and the village shops are open daily.

7. You can find jobs of all types. If you’re not necessarily staying for classes, there are lots of positions available when the majority of students leave the city. Better start applying!

8. You meet people you might not meet during a regular semester. Backyard barbeques, drinks and apps on the patio, and keggers with the nice weather are so fun! Summer is more casual, so you might chat someone up that you’d be too busy to get to know in the fall. It’s a miracle, people!

9. Living in Waterloo is a walk in the park (literally!!). Enjoy Waterloo Park and visit the animals, take a bus to Victoria Park or take a trip to Colombia Lake. You can get some exercise, sun-bathe or have a picnic with friends.

10. There are a ton of festivals and public events. There are more festivals and outdoor public events during the summer than any other season. Some of my favourites are Ribfest, Canada Day at Colombia Lake, the Jazz Festival and Movies in the Park!

At the end of the day, you’ve got to do what is best for you, but I gave Waterloo a chance in the summer after my second year and have stayed since.

- Originally posted by Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier on March 13, 2018


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