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Why FabFitFun was Worth it for Me

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I did it — I finally caved and jumped on the FabFitFun bandwagon last summer. Now, after being an annual subscriber for a full year and four boxes, I’m here to tell it how it is. If you couldn’t tell by the title, I liked my boxes, and found my goodies to be worth the price of their subscriptions. I showcased many of the items on my Instagram story and got great feedback: my followers couldn’t wait until I got my next box! I liked reviewing what I received, and hopefully other consumers benefited from what I had to say.


For an annual subscription with select access, it cost me $322.80 CAD total per year for four boxes, which evens out to $80.70 CAD per box. This also includes the shipping fee to Canada. That sounds like a whopping amount of money, especially for a university student; however, I think it is worth it.


Here are the items I actually use often and/or have already used up. I will total their retail prices in CAD and give a comparison at the end.

1.Summer 2018 Box

My hair feels soft and I hope it’s helping my hair stay healthy!

This is a cute case and I have used it for travel and overnight trips home from school.

This is probably my top pick! I use it every day and it is super cool when you pair it with a phone. It determines the vibration speed and timing to wash your face according to the condition of your skin.

This smells good and makes my mom happy because I’ll actually put it on my face.

This is where I put my keys … if I don’t lose them in a pocket and have to dig to find them.


2.Fall 2018 Box

I use a beautyblender every day to apply my foundation and/or blend my concealer.

These were practical, and because of the neutral grey colour they fit perfectly in essentially any kitchen.

These were simply fun and refreshing!

These are great when I don’t want to make too much noise but still want to rock out when I’m cleaning.

I tried to get every last gram out of the metal packaging. I loved the scent, and my skin felt soft and looked bright after each use!


3.Winter 2018 Box

This left my hair feeling light and clean, but not sticky like I’ve experienced with most other dry shampoos.

This is a great overnight mask.

This is a nice smelling cream and great for the dryness of winter.

I felt like a cute football player, so a good accessory for a Super Bowl party, perhaps? It would be on-brand and you’d be pampering yourself!


4.Spring 2019 Box

I wouldn’t have necessarily bought these spoons, and would typically pick up a cheap plastic set at Walmart, etc., if I were to buy some for myself — but these upped my baking aesthetic.

I didn’t have a long silver necklace, so it was a good addition to my collection. I liked how it was fairly simple and sparkly! I love an opal-esque gem!

These make me feel like a diva and I think they will be all over my Insta feed this summer, so prepare yourselves!


The grand total of the value of my favourites is $793. That’s over $470 more than the cost of the annual subscription! 

These are the things I actually like, meaning that there were other items that were okay — or

I’ll maybe use them a couple of times, but not regularly. The summer and fall boxes had more items I loved, but even for the winter and spring boxes I still adored had enough items that cost more than the cost of the whole box.

For me, it’s been a way to get some cool things that I actually use that I wouldn’t typically splurge on or maybe buy for myself. Getting the box in the first place is not a cheap thing to do, but in the long run I’ve been excited to get cute, useful products and to try new brands.

I plan on renewing my annual subscription and I can’t wait to see what I’ll get next!


*Originally posted by Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier on April 19, 2019


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