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I Tried the DivaCup, So Here’s Why You Should Too

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Many menstruating humans have tried varieties of pads, tampons and other cloth-based hygiene products, but let me tell you that once I tried the DivaCup I never looked back. I saw some advertisements and saw it on the shelf with the other menstrual products. I thought to myself wow that seems great, but with a steeper investment price off the bat, I was a little weary. I was also full of concern. Will it work? Will it leak? How do I get it up in there? And most importantly… how the hell do I get it out?!

I decided to purchase one of my own and when my period came along it was game time. I bought Model 1 as recommended by the company. The DivaCup comes in 2 different sizes, albeit there is not a drastic difference between the two. I opted for the smaller one. 

My emotions when first trying the DivaCup:

My emotions now about DivaCup:

It was a little intimidating at first. I had never put anything “up there” before other than a tampon. I followed the very helpful instructional video that they posted on YouTube, which can be found here. After a few tries, you figure out the most comfortable way to insert the cup. The key step for me is forming a tight u-shaped fold in order for it to fit through my vaginal opening. Also, to remember to hold it tight until all the way in position. Otherwise, it can pop open, get suctioned halfway and you’ll have to undo it to try again. Awkward… I know. 

Once inside, it is so blessed. I have never experienced a dry sensation as I have with tampons. It just slips in now that I am used to it and I sometimes even set a reminder so I don’t forget to empty it. Due to the fact that there is no string I can wear bathing suits proudly without worrying anything hanging out. To all my loves with a passion for flirting: this also means you can cuddle in your cutest panties and no one will know you’re on your period unless you tell them! 

The very first time I tried to take it out? I’ll be very honest and tell you I panicked. Ask my sorority sisters; I was searching for any and all advice from those who had tried it. I was having a moment when I thought my story would end up on “Untold Stories of the ER”. I was fine. The only thing I needed to do is relax. My removal tip: Grab the ribbed base and not just the little stem. My fingers kept slipping off the stem, which is why I was so freaked out. I now insert and remove it easily without any stress at all!

Some of my favourite things about it are:

  • The long-term cost advantages compared to other menstrual products I’ve used. It’s $39.99 (store-permitting) and that is around $30 for myself that I am saving based on the tampon brands and quantity of tampons I would use in a year. I have just finished my 14th cycle with the DivaCup and will now be purchasing a new one. 

  • My increased knowledge of my cycle, and specifically how much menstrual fluid I lose during a day and per cycle.

  • The fact that I have never leaked after 14 periods. I feel confident wearing white pants even when it is my time of the month!!

  • The 10-12 hour protection! This is probably my top favourite thing. I am a busy bee, so knowing I am free to start my day fresh and not have to worry about changing, emptying or cleaning anything until I’m finished work or school is amazing. I would usually clean it out in the late afternoon, then again before I go to sleep. 

One side note though: Due to the reusability of the DivaCup, I personally only empty it at-home or in an individual bathroom, so I can be sure to rinse it with water and appropriate soap before re-inserting.

If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, I am in love with my DivaCup. I am so happy I purchased this menstrual product and would recommend it to anyone with a period!

P.S. They sell DivaWash, a 100% plant-based cleanser. Please use it or another fragrance-free water-based soap with warm water to ensure proper hygiene. #Don’tBeAWeinerUseACleaner

- Originally posted by Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier on September 17, 2018 


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